Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Police Raid UEFA Headquarters in Panama Papers Scandal Probe

UEFA headquarters has been raided by Swiss police after new FIFA boss Gianni Infantino was dragged into the Panama Papers scandal.

Officers acting under a warrant seized details of a TV rights contract Mr Infantino, 46, signed in 2006 with two businessmen.
UEFA said it is co-operating fully with the Swiss police but Swiss-Italian Mr Infantino is "dismayed" and "will not accept" his integrity is being doubted.
A statement read: “UEFA can confirm that today we received a visit from the office of the Swiss Federal Police acting under a warrant and requesting sight of the contracts between Uefa and Cross Trading / Teleamazonas. Naturally, UEFA is providing the Federal Police with all relevant documents in our possession and will cooperate fully.”

UEFA said the recently-elected FIFA president Infantino was “dismayed that his integrity was being doubted” in media coverage of the case.

The raid was carried out after an unprecedented leak of 11.5million files from the world's fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca, revealed how the rich can exploit offshore tax regimes.
The documents also showed Mr Infantino co-signed contracts with a company owned by businessman Hugo Jinkis, who was indicted in the United States in May as part of an alleged £100 million fraud. 

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