Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Man Makes Fiance's Wedding Dresses Out of 600 Balloons

A bride-to-be has received a big surprise after her fiancé made two wedding dresses for her out of 600 balloons.
25-year-old Lu Kepeng, who is a wedding party entertainer, created the two unique bridal gowns for his fiancee Su Xuenuo as a gift, the People's Daily Online reports. 
The pair posed for their pre-wedding photos in Qingdao, eastern China, on April 4.

According to Chinese media, Lu works in the wedding industry. 
He entertains guests with his balloon skills and magic during weddings. 
Lu decided to make his fiancee two wedding dresses for their pre-wedding shoot by attaching balloons together. 

He said his wife-to-be wanted a unique wedding dress and that was when he got the idea to make one or two out of balloons. 
The pair wandered around the seaside city of Qingdao posing for photos that will be shown at their wedding banquet. 
Pre-wedding photos are big business in China. 
In 2015, CCTV America reported that China's wedding photo industry is worth 800 billion yuan (£87 billion) and pre-wedding photos take up a big proportion of this. 
A total 10 million couples get married every year and all of them want the best wedding photos with original themes and ideas.  

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