Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Singer Declared Insane After Decapitating Girlfriend, Having Sex With Her Head

A punk rock musician who cut off his girlfriend’s head and then had sex with it while wearing one of her dresses has been declared insane.

Aleksandr, 23 years old and pictured above, murdered 22-year-old Viktoria, pictured below, in Russia in July last year. He stabbed and slashed her more than 53 times, according to the report on the Voronezh Region police site.
Police said that Aleksandr, a former bassist in the band Easy Riders, then ‘committed acts of a sexual nature’ with her head.

Aleksandr was thrown out of Easy Riders when his bandmates discovered his cross-dressing fetish.
 It is thought that his girlfriend dumped him when she discovered him wearing her clothing and makeup, and he murdered her in response.

He was drinking and had taken ‘bath salts’ – synthetic drugs such as mephedrone – on the night of the murder.

Psychiatrists found that Aleksandr had ‘committed an act prohibited by law in a state of diminished responsibilities’.
He has been detained in a psychiatric institute for an indefinite period.

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