Friday, 11 March 2016

Men Are Sticking Pearls Up Their Penises (Dick) To Give Women Better Orgasms

GENITAL beading is an at-home procedure that’s supposed to make you a better lover – but is it safe?

Taking schlong enhancement to strange new levels, men are popping pearls into their penises to help them pleasure women.
Genital beading involves inserting a small ball, often made of plastic or metal, beneath the skin of the penis via a small incision.
It apparently makes women “go mad with pleasure” because it stimulates the clitoris, but this could be a myth as the pearl is usually placed at the tip of the penis while it should be placed at the base to really stimulate the area.

The procedure, also known as pearling, is a form of body modification similar to inserting a subdermal implant, but alarmingly the surgery is usually performed at-home and without proper hygiene precautions.

The bizarre sex trend is becoming increasingly prevalent in Cuba, according to Vice Spain, as well as Australia and the Philippines.
It’s most common among young men in the military, sailors and convicts. And while nowadays men are choosing to insert the pearls for sexual satisfaction, the craze is said to have originated in Asia with Yakuza members performing pearling during their stints in prison.

The Japanese mafia apparently inserted one bead each year to symbolise the time spent behind bars.
Doctors warn that the procedure can cause tetanus, banality or gangrene – which in serious cases could lead to the penis being amputated.
Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Dr Candice Nicole explained: “Although pearling is typically safe when a piercing professional inserts the beads, the health risks of genital beading can include infections, erectile dysfunction, bodily rejection of the pearl, scarring and pain.
“For those done at home, the health risks increase exponentially, because the person is often untrained about the anatomy of a penis, how deep to make the incisions, what types of tools to use and how to sanitise them properly.
“This increases the risk infection and injury substantially.”

Other than the glaring medical risks, there’s also the possibility that your partner won’t enjoy the sensation of the pearl in the same way that some people don’t like the feel of ribbed condoms or sex toys.
Dr Candice added: “It depends on the woman.

“There are women who like pearled penises and women who find them anything from uncomfortable and unattractive to painful.
“The same way some women like dildos with beads and some women do not, pearls aren't for all girls.
“If a woman does enjoy pearled penises, they may be able to increase the chances of or enhance orgasm depending on where the pearls are placed and where the woman experiences the most vaginal pleasure.”

Pearling isn’t the only potentially harmful way that men are trying to boost their sexual performance, some are also illegally obtaining testosterone gel and smearing it on their testicles.
On Reddit forums, men openly discuss their experiences of illegally taking testosterone and how it has increased the quality of their erections.
It’s typically being used by guys who are interested in bodybuilding and taken in conjunction with other illegal anabolic steroids.

Source: Daily Star.

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