Friday, 11 March 2016

Woman Drives Off Cliff After Losing Her Cat

A woman plunged to her death when she drove off a 90ft cliff after arguing with her boyfriend about losing her cat, an inquest heard.

Stephanie Walker, 44, had been out for a drink with her boyfriend having a ‘brilliant evening’, but when the two arrived home the family pet wasn’t there.
An inquest heard the couple started to argue about whether they should go out and look for it, even though it was 1am.

Jonathan Hill said: ‘We went to the Stirling Castle pub that night and it was a brilliant evening. But when we got back, an argument developed over the cat.
‘She became aggressive and shouted abuse. I told her she should stay at her sister’s that night.’

CCTV footage showed Stephanie, from Bridlington in East Yorkshire, stop at an Esso service station on October 9 last year.

Cameras showed her locate the cat, but it ran off when she got out of the car. Stephanie then spent another half an hour searching for it without success, the inquest heard.

She was found dead in her VW Golf at the foot of the same cliffs where her dad’s ashes had been scattered years earlier after he died in a car crash while preparing a surprise party for her 21st birthday.

After searching for her pet without success for half an hour, she wrote on Facebook: ‘Had enough. Love you all. The end.’

The inquest heard Stephanie, who had no previous mental health issues, died instantly after driving her car over a cliff top near Bridlington.

In a statement, her family said: ‘Steph was a much-loved family member and our lives have been turned upside down.

‘She showed no signs of depression, which makes this tragedy even harder to understand.

‘Steph has left her family devastated, but what we want most is for her to be remembered for the happy-go-lucky, full of life, beautiful person she was.’
In a statement, Stephanie’s sister, Emma Carter, said: ‘I feel Steph took her own life while she was in a very dark place for a few hours. I feel it was an impulsive act.’

Coroner Professor Paul Marks recorded a verdict of suicide.

Source: The Sun.

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