Monday, 7 September 2015

China Unveils Dragon Car That's Covered With 30,000 Bones and Solid Gold

A luxury vehicle shaped into a 'flying dragon' is causing a stir among aspiring Chinese car owners.
The vehicle, which was unveiled at an exhibition in Guangzhou, southern China, has been decorated with 30,000 pieces of yak bone and 1,999 sheets of solid gold, according to People's Daily Online.
It has taken 20 master sculptors over three years to hand decorate and has attracted hoards of visitors at the exhibition on September 5.

This dragon car is owned by a Chinese medical beauty company that sells long-life products. 
A BMW Z4 was used as the base of the ultra-premium dragon car before it was merchandised with the carved yak bones and gold sheeting. 
In total, 30,000 yak leg bones were used. They were individually carved and polished before being assembled together to form the shape of a dragon.
Given the shape of the car's body and final contour, highly technical carving techniques had to be used.

Several thousand scales mounted onto the 'dragon' were carved with Diamond Sutra, one of the earliest known Buddhist scriptures.
There were also 999 small dragon patterns etched onto various parts of the car, including on its bonnet, wing mirrors and even the exhaust pipe.
Additional decoration was created with 1,999 pieces of solid gold sheeting - even the wheels are made from gold.

Photographs of the car shows a beige and gold convertible complete with dragon whiskers and a tail that extends a couple of feet from the back of the vehicle.
The finished car measures 17 foot long, around eight foot wide and over four foot tall. It's estimated to weigh three tons. 
In Chinese culture, the dragon is synonymous with power and strength while the number nine signifies longevity.
It is thought that this was the reason why so many nines were used in the construction of the car, which was used to promote the company at the exhibition.
The car is expected to be worth millions after its makeover but it's not know whether it will ever be driven or made available for purchase.

Gold has become a very popular promotional tool in China in recent years.
Several jewellery shops have recently showed off their craftsmanship with underwear made entirely of gold.
However, despite the tremendous time and expense used in the making of the underwear, they will not be sold to the public.
Instead, they are frequently showcased during special festivals to attract members of the public.
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