Saturday, 29 August 2015

WATCH: Couple Have Graphic SEX in Middle of Town Square

A BONKING couple caught romping in the middle of a town square told police to "go away" when they tried to break up their public display of affection.

The amorous pair stripped stark naked for their sex session in the Costa Blanca resort of Torrevieja, nicknamed the ‘Costa del Yorkshire’ because of the number of Brits that have made it their home over the years.
And they picked a landmark bench in a square surrounded by restaurants and cafes for their tryst.
Shocked holidaymakers called police to interrupt the couple’s antics.
But when officers arrived the lovebirds told them: "Go away and don’t bother us.”
Last night the pair - thought to be Spaniards - were facing a £435 fine after being reported for a public order offence.

The sex video - filmed early on Thursday morning - was starting to go viral as it was shared on social networking sites among locals and holidaymakers and shown on regional TV.
One Twitter user, comparing Torrevieja to the brash Majorcan resort Magaluf, joked: “Torrevieja has become the new Magaluf.”
The spot the couple picked - Waldo Calero Square - is one of the town’s most popular tourist spots and lies close to the popular hippy market and the casino.
Several passers-by are thought to have asked the couple to stop what they were doing before one filmed them with a mobile phone and called the police.
Civil Guard officers called to the scene wrote in their report that the couple asked them to leave and not bother them.
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