Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Yetunde Bustline Says She's Been Receiving Countless Marriage Proposals After Her Marital Online Drama

UK based socialte Yetunde Oduwole says she has received countless numbers of marital proposals from men after she brought her marital issues with ex husband, Baba Tee to the public. She said this in a message she posted on her Facebook wall yesterday night. What she wrote below... 
This morning, I received a congratulatory email from a company saying "Dear Bustline just broke the internet! May we know you more...." Never knew that to be an achievement but since it has been termed one; I receive it! Lol. The fact is; Bustline Yetunde's news is actually trending big! With over 200k shares within few hours! Whoop Whoop! I was born to be the talk of town no doubt. Perhaps I don't need to come here to advertise my business anymore. Lol. My job has been done!
You see, when the devil wants to tarnish your image; a ricochet happens if you are on God's side. There is a way God turns a bad press into an advertisement. And it's the way God turns things around to favour His people that amazes me.Now I pray for more enemies; so God could open more doors. Lol. I must say people from all over the world have been amazing in the past 5 days. Never knew I had so much supporters. My inbox hasn't been busier, my phone hasn't stopped ringing, my messenger/whatsapp/DM on IG have all been bursting. Thanks for the brotherly and sisterly love. Thanks for the massive support. When I see so much love coming from people I don't know and have never met; I just marvel. I see a lot of unknown sisters and brothers from all over the world fighting for me behind my back and showing solidarity. I am so blessed! May God fight every battle you encounter for you.

And the proposals from men from across the world to marry Bustline and be good to her are uncountable!!!! Wish I could get permission from God to marry you all. Lol. I am one lucky girl!!
Let me part with this: No matter what, never run your sister/brother down. If you cannot ease their pain or show love; you have an option to abstain and be quiet. It is not your duty to judge any human being. We have all made mistakes and done the most stupid things, reason why we shouldn't cast any stone on anyone. Perhaps your own cry video (or even worse videos) hasn't been leaked yet, perhaps it won't make the headlines and trend like Bustline's one did, (obviously not everyone is a public figure, not everyone is a news item), just watch your tongue concerning people's situation. And stop being hypocrites!

It's sad that the world dance when they see loopholes and are quick to share bad news. But it is written that what you sow, you shall reap. God's judgement awaits you. But that's not my own kasala. It's between you and God.

I won't go without saying thank you to these beautiful friend, my sister, my beauty queen forever, delectable Regina Askia Williams and my Publicist, Lara Kazeem of DuchessPR Proprietor Naijamaican. When I look at you two, I see God in action.
To all the sisters and brothers too numerous to mention, who took it upon themselves to fight for me with their Facebook updates, may God say "Here I am" whenever you call upon him. I heart you all.

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