Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Emotional Moment Long Lost Twin Is Reunited With His Brother After 20 Years

A twin who has been missing for 20 years has finally been reunited with his brother and parents.
Wan Shuangjian was just two years old when he was kidnapped in 1995 while playing outside his home with his older sister in Shenzhen in southern China, reported the People's Daily Online.
Shuangjian, who was renamed Luo Xiaoding by his new parents and is now 22, was found by police last month using facial recognition technology.
His twin brother Shuanglong had given a photograph of himself to police investigating human trafficking back in 2008. 

Police in the nearby city of Heyuan found Luo in their database, who was actually a policeman and looked a lot like Shuanglong. 
They used DNA to confirm that the two men were twin brothers, who were brought back together in a tearful reunion in Shenzhen last week.
Shuanglong recognised his younger brother straight away, despite not seeing him for twenty years.

He said that he had little memory of him when they were younger but grew up knowing that he had a twin: 'I really wanted to see my brother again'.  
Police said Luo had been sold to a family in Heyuan for 13,000 Yuan (£1,325), who were told by a trafficker that he could not afford to keep his son.
One of the suspected traffickers, Chen Biqun, was arrested at the end of May and police are continuing to look for the family's missing daughter, who was abducted at the same time.

Father Wan Xiaodong wept at seeing his son for the first time in two decades, as his mother fell to her knees. 
Mr Wan described the moment he discovered his son had been found: 'I was laughing and crying at the same time. I was believing the good news and doubting it at the same time.'
He also explained how he had searched desperately for both his son and daughter: 'Day and night I searched for them. For months I did not go to work. I travelled through all of Shenzhen.'
'They still have no clues as to the whereabouts of my daughter. If they can locate her then my decades-long dream will have come true.'
Luo said: 'Being able to meet my biological parents, I want to thank them for their determination in looking for me all these years. 
'I hope we can find my sister so that our family can be reunited.'  

He said that he found out he was adopted when he was 10 but did not want to ask his new family about it because they had always 'treated him with a lot of love'.
He will continue living with his adopted parents, but will travel between both families. 
According to local residents, between 1995 and 2000 a further seven children we abducted from the same area that the Wan children were taken.    

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