Wednesday, 14 September 2016

People With This ONE Trait Are More Likely To Cheat

A NEW study reveals that men and women with this one thing in common are more likely to stray.

If you're new love interest owns a cat you better watch your back as people with feline freinds are more likely to cheat. 
A new survey revealed that lads and ladies who own cats are more unfaithful than any other pet owners., a dating website for married people wanting to stray, found that a whopping 25% of over 700 members surveyed owned a moggy.
In contrast dog owners were the least likely to cheat – making up just 10% of the people polled.

"There has already been a plethora of scientific studies that claim that owning a dog, or dogs, makes you happier and healthier, and now you can add loyalty to that list" said site spokesperson Christian Grant.
Although the results of the survey aren’t unexpected, they are significant, given that dogs are the nation’s most popular pet.
"Man’s best friend is the UK’s most popular pet, and has been for a very long time, but not among this particular community it seems," added Christian.

Also, if your lover owns a goldfish you should probably steer clear as 16% of love rats own a fish and 13% have a hamster or gerbil. And more than 10% of people with rabbits and reptiles also like to play away.
According to infidelity expert Helen Fisher, PhD, there are also tell-tale .
Writing in her book Anatomy Of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray, the sexpert explains four signs you should look out for.

1. Unstable childhood
Whether or not you become a cheater may stem as far back as childhood. Watch out for how your bae interacts with their parents.
Helen said: “Men and women who were securely attached to their parents during childhood tend to build more stable partnerships and engage in less infidelity, whereas those who were insecurely attached to parental figures are more likely to philander.”
2. Personality
Outgoing people, adventurers or those who enjoy new experiences tend to be more prone to playing away.

3. Power play
Women who wear the trousers in the relationship are more likely to seek other sexual partners because of a power imbalance.
4. Education and income
Generally richer people are more likely to indulge in sex with other people. Women who are more intelligent than their partner are also more likely to stray.

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