Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Brazilian Piano Player WOWS Crowds Performing Suspended In The Air

A high-flying pianist took music to new heights when he played while suspended in the air over Sao Paulo.

Ricardo de Castro Monteiro and his spectacular Flying Piano was a highlight of the Brazilian city's annual Virada Cultural festival on Sunday.

Both piano and pianist were suspended on wires tens of metres above the enthralled crowds below in an performance that was part concert, part circus act.

The adventure-loving musician tickled the ivories three times and the event.
During the first, he was accompanied by a mid-air performance from dancer and acrobat Sandra Miyazawa who was suspended above him.
He also included a tribute to Brazilian poet, lyricist and journalist, Fernando Brant, with a rendition of Maria.

On the second he performed with singer Leda Cruz while accordion player Lívia Mattos accompanied on the third.

Photographs of Mr Monteiro suspended over Sao Paula's streets are truly spectacular, with the unnerving height of the hefty instrument catching the viewer off guard.

His act was one of the many performers who took part in the 24-hour festival held this weekend.

Among the different cultural presentations included ones focusing on cooking, art history, dance, and theatre. 

The musician performed a similar stunt at the festival 2012 when he wowed audiences with his mid-air displays. 

According to his Twitter biography,when he isn't busy filling the skies with music, Mr Monteiro is a professor at Laureate International Universities, is a semiotics consultant, a playwright and a composer.

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