Wednesday, 27 May 2015

GRAPHIC PICTURES: Woman Nearly Dies After Swallowing 30cm Long Kitchen Spatula To Try And Clear Her Throat

A DESPERATE woman destroyed her own throat after stuffing chopsticks and a spatula down it.

The woman suffered a terrifying allergic reaction after creating a new recipe involving herbs and spices.
Her throat swelled up and in a panicked attempt to breathe shoved the utensils down her throat to try and widen the opening.
In her efforts to clear her throat the spatula became jammed.
Doctors in China's Guangdong Province were forced to chop away part of her throat as it had been damaged beyond repair.
The medics then had to stretch her stomach lining in order to to make a new connection between her oesophagus and her stomach.
Once she was able to speak they were amazed to discover the housewife was not mentally ill and had actually found that the only way she could manage to breathe was by shoving the utensils into her throat.

A hospital spokesman said: "She had tried her fingers, and then the chopsticks, and when all of that didn't work she had tried the spatula."
Doctors believe her breathing problems were caused by an allergic reaction to the herbs and spices she was using while cooking.
Surgeon Xiao Pu told Southern Metropolis Daily it was a once in a lifetime case.

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