Friday, 15 January 2016

Eva Alordiah Publicly Declares Her Love For Her Man (Ceezerleo), Accepts His Proposal

Remember Olamide and Don Jazzy beef stole the show at the headies, thereby overshadowing the Eva Alordiah stage proposal by her husband to be... The singer took to her IG page to express her love for her man.

Some though it was a publicity stunt. It is as real as it gets ..... The rapper posted this open declaration of love Caeser who is he is a TV presenter with Cool/Wazobia TV, actor and model. She also said 'Yes I do' ....  How romantic!

  • ievaalordiah#ThursdayThirst
    The eyes I am excited to look into for a long long long time
    Eyes that searched me out like an Eagle in flight in search of worms
    I am far from being a mere earthly worm but I do love how you have wormed your way into my heart,
    A little wiggle here, a little wiggle there till you found a nice spot for yourself.
    I like the feel of you there..
    Thank you for coming 
    It doesn't matter anymore if I always come first
    What matters is who comes for the stay
    Since you have pledged to stay,
    Yes I do ♥️♥️ @mr_ceezerleo

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