Friday, 12 February 2016

Love Can Be Frustrating But It Is Needed - Singer Ruby Gyang

Singer, Ruby Gyang, who's also the baby-mama to singer, Jesse Jagz, has had her fair share of what love is all about and the challenges that goes with it but she has not given up hopes of loving again.
One of the things that still give her happiness is the fact that she is able to care for her daughter whom she has been able to keep away from the media.
The singer once said that she and the father of her child are best of friends but bringing marriage into the issue is no for them.
“No, but we are together, we are friends and we have a child together but the love aspect is gone.”
Well, Ruby, seems to have let the past go as she made it known to her fans that love can sometimes be frustrating but one does not have to lose hope.
In her words, “Love can be frustrating sometimes, but its okay, love again.”

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