Friday, 1 July 2016

Police Open Investigation of Two Doctors Who May Be Responsible For Singer Prince’s Death

According to TMZ Prince’s primary physician Dr. Michael Schulenberg and addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld wrote illegal prescriptions or aided Prince in acquiring meds.
This is no Andy Griffith investigation, the FBI, the DEA and the Carver County District Attorney’s Office are all on deck to uncover the truth.

The drug in question? Fentanyl, a powerful drug which is used to help fight addiction. If you recall, Prince was said to have been addicted to percocet.

Doc Schulenberg was present at Paisley Park when Prince’s body was found and Doc Kornfeld’s son was there with a bag FULL of drugs.
Guess only time will tell what the fate of these doctors is, but one thing is for sure, if there is any semblance of anything illegal, someone is gonna join Conrad Murray in the whoscow.
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