Tuesday, 28 June 2016

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Doctor Caught Having Sex in His Surgery in Shocking Phone Film

A DOCTOR was left extremely red-faced when he was secretly filmed having sex with a woman while at work.

The couple were filmed on a smartphone by a person who looks to be peering through the window from outside in the street.
Holding up the mobile phone, they were able to film what was happening inside.
The clip starts with the woman straddling the doctor on what appears to be a consultation bed as he thrusts against her.

He is then seen clumsily kissing the woman, who lies on her back.
As he is attempting to climb on top of her, the camera moves and apparently alerts the doctor looks up, stunned.

He then panics and moves away from the woman who quickly covers herself with her hands.
The clip ends with the sound of laughter from the sneaky cameraman.
According to local reports, the doctor has since been nicknamed Dr Simi – an apparent reference to a pharmacy chain in Yucatan in south-eastern Mexico – where the hot and steamy action is said to have taken place.

It is as of yet unclear who the woman is, with some reports stating she is the doctor’s patient and other reports saying that the two are colleagues and work at the same pharmacy.
The raunchy pair has not been identified – but the clip of their mid-day bonk break has now gone viral – much to the amusement of online viewers.
One said: "At the hotel? No, better at doctor Simi’s, it is the same but cheaper."
Daily Star.
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