Sunday, 5 June 2016

GrandMother Picks Up Random Child From School After Mistaking Him For His Grandson

A South Carolina granddad’s flub is making national headlines.
Grandad Joseph Fuller recently went to pick up his grandchild from elementary school but mistakenly signed out the wrong child.
The 65-year-old didn’t realize his mistake till he brought the boy all the way home and then quickly turned around and brought him back to school.
ABC 7 reports: A case of mistaken identity led to a police investigation and a change in policy at a South Carolina elementary school.
It started when a 65-year-old man went to pick up his young grandson early from school last month.
He greeted a boy who he thought was his grandson.

The school says the man was on a list of people approved to pick up students, and the boy reportedly confirmed that it was his grandfather.
The boy left with the man and his wife.
When they got home the grandmother realized that the boy was not her grandchild. They then took the boy back to school.
The grandfather, Joseph Fuller, said, “I went in and filled out the excuse to have him excused from school, brought him home. They…resemble (each other) a lot, and that’s how I mistakenly took him to be my grandson.”
The school district has revised student check-out procedures based on the incident. Local station WIS reports students must now verbally identify the person picking them up, and that name must be checked against the student’s pickup list.
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