Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Believe It or Not, Giving Oral Sex & Having Sex Without Condoms Has Surprising Health Benefits for Women

Performing oral sex and having sex without a condom can have some surprising health benefits for women.

Feeling down? Try going down because performing oral sex could help fight depression.
Pleasuring your partner or doing it without a condom may boost womens’ mental and physical health, according to science.
Researchers at State University of New York at Albany and the University of Liverpool investigated the “mood-altering chemicals” in sperm by quizzing 293 female students about their sex lives.

The women were asked to fill in an anonymous questionnaire and complete the Beck Depression Inventory.
Scientists also indirectly measured how much left over semen was circulating in womens’ bodies by how recently they’d had unprotected sex.
Results from the study showed that ladies who never used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than those who usually or always used a rubber during sex.

Shockingly women who slept around more but always used a condom were just as depressed as ladies who didn’t have sex at all which made researchers think that it’s semen that makes women happier rather than sex.
The research suggests that sperm could be nature’s anti-depressant as well as containing “mind-altering” chemicals that elevate mood, promote affection and induce sleep.
Other studies have also shown that women who are often in contact with semen perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks.

But unfortunately there’s currently an “oral sex gap” between women giving and receiving.
According to a recent survey called “Was it good for you too?” men are more likely to receive oral sex but not return the favour.
The study found that 63% of lads said they’d received oral during their last sexual encounter compared to just 44% of women.
Researchers also discovered that more ladies (59%) than men (52%) reported performing oral sex on their partner.

Source: Daily Star.

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