Monday, 6 June 2016

91 Year Old Letter to Father Christmas Found in Chimney, Reveals Must Have Toys in 1925

A letter to Father Christmas written back in 1925 has been discovered stuffed up a family’s chimney in Eastbourne.

If you ever wondered what the must-have toys for kids were almost a century ago, then this is your answer. Instead of a singing Princess Elsa dolls and Lego Millennium Falcons, children of the 1920s apparently wanted books, handkerchiefs and, um, cannons.

The polite note, which had been placed in an envelope addressed to Father Christmas and dated 1925, was found by builders who were removing a chimney breast at Emily Nash’s home in Eshton Road.

It is signed by one E. Short.

The letter reads: ‘Daddy Christmas, will you please bring me these things. Fort, cannon, box of soldiers & Indians, chocolate, boat, book, handkerchiefs. Yours truly, E. Short.’

Which is a fairly modest list compared to today’s tastes (presuming he was after a toy cannon and not hoping to skip down the stairs on Christmas morning 1925 to find a heavy piece of artillery in the living room).

Emily has shared pictures of the note in the hope that the Short family might still be living in the Eastbourne area and able to tell her more about the letter’s author.

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