Monday, 4 April 2016

25 Year Old Lady Shrinks to 2 Feet Tall Due To Rare Health Condition That Leaves Limbs Bent

Kunti Kumari, a 25 year old Indian woman with a rare condition has shrunk to about 2 feet as a result of a disease that makes her limbs shrink and bend. She spends her day lying on a cot, chatting with her mother and staring at the ceiling. She has been bedridden for the past 8 years.

Her mother Tilakwa Devi, 60, can't stop weeping seeing her youngest daughter's condition that she says makes her look like a 'corpse'.

"She was a normal girl with healthy limbs but when she turned a teenager, her bones started weakening and she struggled to walk. She would limp a little but gradually she lost all strength and started shrinking," said Devi.

"Within eight years of this mysterious disease, she completely lost strength and got bound to bed rest."

Kumari said: 
"I was always weak and could never run fast. I was a slow walker and as I grew up, I had to push my left leg. This is when my mother took me to a doctor for treatment. The bone specialist operated on my left leg but after a month, I couldn't move the leg."
Dr Satyendra Singh, Civil Surgeon, Chatra, believes Kumari is suffering from a rare bone disease. He said: "This looks like a severe case of Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
"It is a rare congenital disease where the bones starts weakening and due to low density, they start shrinking. "It is not a completely curable disease but with medication, she can be given some relief."
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