Monday, 14 March 2016

Singer Solidstar Shares DNA Result To Prove He Is The Father Of His White Baby

After months of celebrating life as a baby daddy, Solidstar is still in doubts he fathered the cute little baby boy.
It was also crystal clear that some people have questioned if Solid Star is really the father of his boy. 
To satisfy his curiosity, and as well quash such doubts, he went for paternity tests and also shared details of the test on his Instagram page.
The Oluchi crooner captioned it: Singer Solidstar last year welcomed a son with a British woman.

The baby turned out looking very white like his mother. Some of the fans of Solidstar say he is not the father of his son so he did a DNA Test to prove haters wrong

He wrote, “for those of you talking poo, guess this wuld shut ur gutter mouth up…”.

Now he and his fans are convinced he fathered the light skinned cute baby.

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