Sunday, 13 March 2016

Refugee Woman Forced To Wash Her Newborn Baby in a Puddle at The Greek Border

The mother bathes her newborn in a puddle outside her makeshift tent in Idomeni, Greece (Picture: Getty)

A shocking image has emerged showing a refugee mother washing her newborn baby in a puddle.

The mother was forced to wash her child using the puddle water outside her tent in the Greek border village of Idomeni.

She is one of around 14,000 migrants stuck at the border with Macedonia after several Balkan countries closed their borders to prevent families from crossing.

Thousands of migrants are arriving in Greece each day and not many are leaving, which has caused a major problem in overcrowded areas.

Tensions are flaring in the Idomeni camp where there have reportedly been fights among refugees as supplies and food were distributed out.

The camp was also hit by torrential rain over the last few days making it difficult for migrants to start fires to keep warm.

The government believes nearly 42,000 are stranded in Greece after several Balkan countries, including Austria, imposed border restrictions last month to halt the increasing flow of people.

The president of Macedonia has defended his decision, claiming that the country would have been ‘flooded with jihadists’.

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