Thursday, 17 March 2016

P-Square Has Family Problem Which is Not for The Public Says Paul Okoye

It ant news no more the ongoing misunderstanding between P-Square (Paul, peter and Jude Okoye) as all parties are trying their hands in one new project or the other to show they can survive without the other.
Well, like an old adage that says blood is thicker than water, fans are waiting to see how long the fight is going to last and if the brothers will finally part ways for good.
Many have called on the brothers to reunite as their breakup will mean they will no longer have any record of what they have done together.

Paul Okoye, who has been somehow silent in the whole issue and in action speaking with MTV base explained that the issue they is a family affair and not meant for the public.
According to him, “Maybe I am not suppose to say this but when it comes to P-Square, don’t worry guys, it’s a family problem and not a public thing, when we are done with the family, we will let you guys know, God bless.”

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