Sunday, 6 March 2016

Man Gives Ex-Girlfriend A Car Filled With 10,800 Sanitary Towels To Win Her Back

Usually flowers will suffice as a way of winning your girlfriend back. 
However a man in southern China decided to use an unusual and original way of getting his ex-girlfriend back on Friday by buying her enough sanitary towels to fill a car.
His attempt didn't seem to work as she was too embarrassed by the gift and wouldn't meet him, Huanqiu, affiliated with the People's Daily Online reports. 

According to Chinese media, when the pair were together, the girlfriend asked her boyfriend to buy her a pack of sanitary towels. 
However the man, who works as an entrepreneur, was in a meeting and told her that he was unable to make the purchase. 
She then replied telling him that it was best that they broke up. 

The man admitted that he had been neglecting his girlfriend for some time and this was the final straw. 

As an apology and a way of winning her back, he decided to hand the girl a lifetime's supply of sanitary towels along with a bunch of flowers. 
He says he bought her 10,800 sanitary towels total.  
She wasn't too impressed with the gift and was so embarrassed that she wouldn't meet or speak with him. 
People gathered around the car to take pictures of the unusual and slightly mortifying gift. 
After hours of him being parked outside her work, she finally texted to tell him to go away. 
Eventually, defeated, the man drove his lifetime supply of feminine products away. 

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