Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I Dumped Circular Music for Gospel Because I Had a Renewed Faith - Obiora Obiwon

Nigerian singer, Obiora Obiwon, came into the Nigerian music industry with some melodious love songs which captivated fans and received massive airplay until NO-One heard from him.
Still doing music which has always been his passion, the singer recently disclosed that he has been doing music but had to leave circular world to make gospel songs.
Gentle as usual with his dance moves, the singer was a guest on popular TVC entertainment show, Entertainment Splash, where he explained that his decision was born out of him wanting to re-brand his faith.
In his words, “I had a re-brand of my faith that is why I went into gospel music and left circular music. Though it was hard taking such a decision, but I just had to because that was what my heart wanted. There are some things you will get into as a circular artiste that will make it difficult for you to practice your faith.”

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