Thursday, 10 March 2016

'Hero' Boyfriend Sat By Bedside of Girlfriend In Coma For 8 Months... Wakes, Reveals HE Was Her Abuser

Liu Fenghe was media darling as he sat by side of comatose Lin

A ROMANTIC story took a dark twist recently when a Chinese woman who had been in a coma decided to speak out about the reason for her 8 month coma.
22-year-old Lin Yingying was hospitalised after she was attacked and beaten, and spent eight months there in a coma.
Luckily, she was constantly looked after by boyfriend Liu Fenghe, who Chinese media portrayed as the doting partner who never left his sweetheart's side.
Liu even spent 200,000 yuan (£21,700) on treatment for Lin.

But few could have suspected the truth behind this show of unrequited love.
Months after Lin gained consciousness, she told the press that it was Liu who had beaten her and put her in the coma.
She said she had been attacked by Liu on several occasions.
This particular incident was sparked when Lin burnt some bread at the couple's bakery, which they ran together.
Liu persuaded Lin's family not to visit her in the hospital after the attack, while he stayed by her side.
But after eight months, the family took Lin home in February 2015.
She woke up in May, but kept her silence over the beating, fearing further abuse at the hands of Liu.
Finally, her father, Lin Shuqing, managed to persuade her to speak out.
According to Lin, he told her: "You have died once, what more are you afraid of? It’s time to confront reality."
Lin has informed the relevant authorities.
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