Sunday, 13 March 2016

Dead Man Propped Up in Chair Holding Cigarette with Eyes OPEN

His sister said the family 'decided to embalm him like this because he was a very happy person' Reuters
THE family of a man shot 15 times held a bizarre funeral where he was propped up in a chair in their living room with his eyes open.
Grisly footage of Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato, 26, emerged online after the Puerto Rican's murder earlier this month.
He can be seen clad in designer gear while sitting in the chair with his legs crossed.
In his hand, the dead man holds a cigarette while his eyes have spookily been left open.
In the video released by LiveLeak, friends and family crowd around to say their final goodbyes to Fernando.

The 26-year-old had been blasted to death with 15 gunshots outside his family home Reuters

His sister, Ihizz Diaz Beato said: "We decided to embalm him like this because he was a very happy person, very active and we want to remember him as he was.
"Everybody is really surprised because seeing him like that is like seeing him as if he were alive.
"We didn’t want to see him lying in the coffin. We wanted something different. And also, we wanted him to be remembered by his friends and family the same way he was when he was alive."
Tragic Fernando was blasted to death in a brutal murder outside his San Juan home on the Caribbean island on March 3.

Police have admitted they are no closer to solving the killing.
The undertaker who arranged the bizarre funeral, Damaris Marin, said: "This time is different because he is seated with his legs crossed but, this is the first dead man in history with his eyes open.
Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato's funeral attire even included a cigarette Reuters

"This is the ninth [unconventional funeral] we have seen that the families wish to see the dead men just as they were when they were alive.
"We gave [the family] a surprise by leaving the eyes of the dead man open. I think that this time was the most impressive reaction to any of the work we have done."

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