Sunday, 6 March 2016

Buck Knife Could Produce Ron and Nicole's Fatal Wounds in O.J. Simpson Murder Case

The knife found buried on O.J. Simpson's former estate was more than capable of inflicting the mortal wounds on Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman ... so says the man who examined the wounds of the victims.
Dr. Irwin Golden, who served as the Deputy Medical Examiner, testified in the O.J. Simpson case and performed both autopsies, tells TMZ the folding buck knife could have severely cut both victims. Nicole was brutally attacked with a deep neck wound -- 2 1/2 inches deep and 5 1/2 inches across -- and Golden says a 4" blade could have done the deed.  We broke the story ... the knife in question has a 5" blade.
Sources connected with the 1994 investigation and others involved in the evaluation of the knife tell us there was always a wide belief among LAPD cops that Simpson used a buck knife.

TMZ broke the story ... a construction worker found the knife buried on the perimeter of the property in 2002, gave it to a retired LAPD cop who never turned it in, instead taking it home and putting it in his tool box. The cop claims he alerted LAPD when he got it, but they expressed no interest.
Dr. Golden cautioned if the murder weapon was a buck knife it had to be "heavy." A knife expert tells us back in '94 buck knives were made with heavy American-made steel.
The knife is being tested for fingerprints and hair. Next week it goes to the serology unit for DNA testing.

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