Sunday, 21 February 2016

Someone’s Bought Queen Elizabeth’s Car for £15,000 Without Knowing

Someone’s bought the Queen’s car and doesn’t even know it.
The monarch’s Jaguar, which comes with heated seats, parking sensors and a dog grille, was sold for £15,000 online.

Car firm Fletchdale Ltd was involved in the sale and said the new owner was unaware that they were buying from the monarch herself.

A Fletchdale Ltd spokesman told The Sun: ‘It went to a buyer unaware of its former owner. Someone unwittingly bought a slice of royalty.’

The Queen was spotted driving the three-litre V6 Sovereign model around Windsor last year but recently decided to sell it.

The automatic car had just 7,600 miles on the clock when it was sold despite being seven years old.

Last year, her journey in her Jaguar in Windsor took a turn for the worst at one point when she had to swerve off a road to avoid hitting a family out for a stroll.

Vincent and Toby Core, who were with their 11-month-old son Teddy, were completely oblivious to the identity of the passing driver.

The Queen is often spotted behind the wheel of her Range Rover in her Sandringham estate as well as on Sundays as she travels to the church near the Royal Lodge on the Windsor estate.

She is the only person in the UK who is permitted to drive without a licence.

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