Monday, 25 January 2016

Music Beef: PMAN Sends Warning to Record Label Owners

With the continuous beefs going on almost on daily basis between some Nigerian entertainers especially musicians, it has now become a topic of discussion and many continue to wonder what the year holds for these musicians.
Rather than fold their hands and watch the shame some of these musicians continue to bring into the industry, the President of Performing Musicians Employers' Association Of Nigeria (PMAN) Pretty Okafor and his colleagues have made a solemn call to these entertainers to be weary of their actions as many are watching.
He stated that Nigerian artistes are the pride of the country and any negative actions they take will have serious impact on the creative industry.
He cited similar cases that resulted in the unfortunate demise of some of the greatest talents the world has ever seen.

Mr Pretty Okafor emphasized that, "the Creative Economy is the only hope for Nigeria in these times where crude oil market has nosedived leading to an imminent global recession. We as practitioners in the entertainment industry are vested with the responsibilities of sustaining the economy by contributing to the GDP and ensuring Growth, Stability and Sanity to our Industry.
“We appeal to the Heads of the different Record Labels to call their Artists to order and no matter what provocations, rumours and evil going about and around respectable Artists, Our Elders advice that "SILENCE IS THE BEST ANSWER TO FOOLS". Don't go fighting Pigs,you will only find yourself ridiculed and associated with dirt.”

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