Wednesday, 16 December 2015

VIDEO: Artist Gets BUTT Naked and Paints With Erect Penis on France's Got Talent

BRITAIN'S Got Talent has seen some bizarre acts over the years, from people popping their eyes from their sockets to men skipping while singing Nelly The Elephant.

But all that pales in comparison to a recent audition on the French edition of the talent show.
La France A Un Incroyable Talent (or France's Got Talent) is in its tenth series, and a rather unique act tried their luck for the judges.
The auditionee's name was Brent Ray Fraser, but despite his topless appearance and rippling muscles, he wasn't there for a strongman act.

Nope, this fella wanted to paint live on stage using his penis as a brush. As you do.

In an act that would give Simon, Amanda, Alesha and David cardiac arrest, Brent whipped off his pants to reveal his exposed – and erect – manhood, which he proceeded to dip in paint.
The Canadian then used his painting, er, tool to create a portrait of one of the judges.
While this would undoubtedly result in more Ofcom calls than pooch Matisse being replaced by a stunt dog in the UK, the French audience were in hysterics at the unorthodox live art show.
Sadly, Brent didn't make it to the lives, but it's probably for the best – it can be quite hard to perform under pressure.

While this was Mr Fraser's first primetime TV appearance in Europe, he already popped onto our radar earlier this year with his utterly bonkers quotes on his craft.
The erotic artist told Vice: "Working on the art gets me aroused. If I'm doing a large-scale painting, having my d*** be flaccid is better from a technical point of view."
You never know, we might see Brent get a golden buzzer from David Walliams next year.

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