Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lewis Hamilton 'Recording with Kanye, Drake, and David Guetta' on His Own Album

LEWIS Hamilton has been secretly in the recording studio with some of the biggest names in music but the real surprise? It's supposed to "sound quite good".

The F-1 speed demon has booked out studio time to work on a RnB album for over a year and has insisted he is "very serious about music".
The 30-year-old clearly has friends in high places and is rumoured to have got special guests like Drake, Kanye West and superstar producers including Black Eyed Peas veteran and DJ David Guetta to help him with get his sound.
An insider told The Daily Star Online: "He has been working in the studio for a long time, and with some of the biggest names in music right now.

"Everyone's queuing up to help, Kanye, Drake, I know has been working with him, David Guetta too — but the biggest surprise is that it all sounds quite good.
"You wouldn't believe it was Lewis Hamilton singing."

Recently, the three-time Formula One world champion gave a film crew from CBS a tour of his private studio, which he built originally for his ex Nicole Scherzinger.
He also played them clips of his R&B flavoured tracks J’Adore and Lookin’ at You.
He told them: “I never thought I would have people following me. You know, fans. I want to share it with them, I want to see what they think.
"My work ethic is exactly the same here as it is on the racetrack. But it’s just here I can be me, I can be vulnerable.

“I can show people a side to me that people don’t get to see.”
"It is very serious. If I am not training or getting ready for the race I'm here [in the studio.]"
Sadly, it remains unclear whether the album will ever see the light of day.
A rep for Lewis said: "We cannot confirm anything at the moment I'm afraid and have no further comment on this."

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