Sunday, 15 November 2015

Rachel and Monica Were Both Replaced on Friends and Nobody Noticed

SOAPS like EastEnders and Corrie regularly swap actors and pretend that nothing has happened – sure, poor Ben Mitchell has had five different faces.

But we didn't think it would happen to two of the world's biggest TV stars.
It has emerged that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox were sneakily replaced in Friends, over a decade after the episodes aired.
A hilarious continuity error has surfaced showing Rachel, aka Jen Aniston, transforming into a random understudy who is wearing a completely different outfit.

In series 9, episode 15 - The One With The Mugging – Joey is telling the gang that he has landed a big audition, while Rachel stands beside him in a paisley top.

But bam – the next shot shows Joey standing next to a girl that definitely isn't Rachel, who is wearing a check shirt.
The mistake, discovered first by Recently Heard, has likely made it to TVs thanks to the new HD formats, but the appearance of a stand-in has shaken Friends fans to their very cores.
But it wasn't just Jennifer who was replaced.

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