Thursday, 22 October 2015

Man 'Beats Lover's Husband To Death To Prove His Manhood

A toyboy beat his lover’s husband to death in front of her to “prove his manhood” after she humiliated him with other men.

Cohnor Coleman admitted Sarah Jackson, 38, had been his “secret crush” since he was a teenager babysitting her young sons.The 24-year-old thought “his dreams had come true” when she told him she wanted them to start a relationship and move in together. 

But on successive weekends in April she humiliated him with two other men in The Cavern bar in Richmond, N Yorks - while having a sexual relationship with him.

On the the first occasion, April 18, she kissed another man in front of him. CCTV footage shown to the jury shows him leaning on the bar watching “with every fibre of his attention”.

That night he punched a pillar in the bar and then went downstairs and rained punches on a door as he took out his frustration.
The following week, on April 25, while both her husband and her lover were in the Cavern, she led Adam Cox, whose wife she was friends with, into a secluded corner.

Sarah’s husband Andrew, 43, a former golf professional, turned a blind eye but Coleman confronted them.
He was ejected, then beat Andrew to death outside the historic market town’s Georgian Theatre as Sarah watched.

Powerfully-built Coleman denied any intention of killing or causing serious injury, saying he was merely defending himself.

He was said to have pounded her husband with all his strength “like a cage fighter”.His love rival died two days later in hospital from catastrophic brain injuries. 

Coleman claimed he was defending himself when Mr Jackson ran up to him, hitting him once.

Coleman told Teesside crown court:
 “As I looked up Andrew Jackson came at me, he came straight at me. He asked me “who the f*** do you think you are?”
“I remember feeling myself being pushed and pulled about. All I remember is throwing a punch and that was that, I can’t remember anything else after that.”
 Coleman admits manslaughter but denies murder.
Culled from Mirror UK 

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