Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Football Player Hacks Complete Stranger To Death With Machete, Calls Police On Himself

A former football player with apparent severe mental issues brutally murdered a jogger with a machete…for no reason other than his own frustration with his life. 
The man, who mysteriously disappeared from Texas A&M University during his freshman year while successfully playing as a wide receiver, had recently faced eviction from his residence, and said the experience caused him to snap. 
MailOnlineThomas Johnson, 21, had recently lost his housing and was angry with his life when he repeatedly struck the runner using a ‘large-bladed knife’ and lodged the weapon in the man’s head on Monday.
After the early-morning attack on the popular White Rock Creek Trail in Dallas, Johnson used a cellphone to call 911 to say the victim ‘was laying down with a sword in his head and not moving.’

A bicyclist identified only as Brandon told police he saw the attacker repeatedly striking the jogger in the head, an arrest warrant affidavit revealed on Tuesday, according to NBC Dallas.
The cyclist said: ‘As I get closer and closer I could tell it was a machete and there are repeated blows that are occurring.
After calling 911, Johnson stayed at the scene and spoke with a responding officer, saying, ‘I just committed capital murder’ and adding that he ‘just picked somebody to murder.’
The affidavit said when the officer asked him to explain, Johnson said only, ‘It’s like when you don’t wake up.’

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