Sunday, 6 September 2015

Man 'Locked Wife and Autistic Son in Filthy Cage for Two Years'

A TWISTED man has allegedly kept his troubled wife and autistic son locked in a cage for the last two years.

Eduardo Oviedo, 66, reportedly tied the pair up with chains and fed them through the bars of the cage.
His wife, 61, has psychiatric problems and his 32-year-old son is autistic, prosecutor Alejandro Pellegrini claimed.
The son, who can barely speak, was allegedly forced to eat dog food and breathe gasoline fumes.
Pellegrini described the cell – in Mar del Plata, Argentina – as "a cage with bars and an iron door".

Old mattresses, rubble, bags of poo and used syringes were reportedly found inside.
The prosecutor also claimed the wife and son were kept in there by day – and slept in another filthy room by night.
A source said: "This is a story of terror. To enter that house is to witness true madness."
Cops arrested Oviedo yesterday after finding the cell in his house, according to reports.
They acted after a tip-off by two of his other children, who apparently live in the same neighbourhood.
The former construction worker could face up to 15 years behind bars but declined to make a statement to a judge today.

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