Sunday, 6 September 2015

Wiz Khalifa Mother to Blame for Rapper's WEED Addiction

RAPPER Wiz Khalifa's mum Katie has admitted to getting the star "hooked on weed as a teenager".

Katie 'Peachie' Wimbush-Polk, 51, said they used to smoke together before he went to school.
It's now turned into an addiction costing Wiz $10,000 a month. WOWZA. 
Speaking to The Sun, Katie said: "Before I went to work, before he went to school, it was our way of bonding.

"We would smoke together. He got his habit from his mother."

Wiz, who is rumoured to be dating X Factor's Rita Ora, previously claimed he spent thousands on cannabis, at the worst stage of his past addiction.
In a recent interview, he said: "There's nothing you can do wrong when it comes to smoking weed."

She described how Wiz would allegedly smell the smoke when her and her friends were together.
Katie added: "When he got older, he would steal the marijuana butts I would leave, and smoke them."
The rapper was previously married to Kanye West's ex Amber Rose, but the pair divorced last year after just one year.

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