Thursday, 27 August 2015

11 Year Old Mexican Girl Suffocated Her Little brothers Then Tried to Kill Herself Because 'The Devil Told Her To'

A mentally ill eleven-year-old girl killed her two younger brother and then tried to kill herself because the devil told her to do it, she claimed.

Troubled Fernanda Cruz, who is suspected of being schizophrenic, suffocated her three-month-old brother and days later smothered her three-year-old sibling with a pillow. 

But police did not realise she was the killer until weeks later when she took pills in an attempt to overdose and ended up in hospital, where she confessed to what she had done. 

Fernanda told doctors that she had listened to the devil’s voice, who had ordered her to kill herself to be reunited with her dead brothers.

She then confessed to police that she had killed her younger brothers because the devil had ordered her to do so.

The girl's parents admitted that they knew that she believed she was talking to the devil but had no idea the problem was so serious.

The terrible incidents happened in the city of Ciudad Madero, in the north-east Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

During the family trauma, her other brother, Merely Cruz, 9, was also admitted to hospital with a breakdown saying she was too scared to go home and was frightened of Fernanda.

Antonia Cuervo Torres, the prosecutor of the Family Protection department, said that the girl listened to voices and had hallucinations that seemed to indicate schizophrenia.

Fernanda’s parents, Jose Luis and his wife Fabiola, said the girl told them that she had conversations with Satan in the shadows, but they did not realise the problem was so serious. 

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