Thursday, 16 July 2015


Controversial OAP, Freeze, whose soured marriage has been trending on social media and the Nigerian media, has confirmed he has moved on with a new woman.

Freeze, whose real name is Ifedayo Oladrine, in a recent interview with a popular blog, revealed that his new found love who is a single mother, who has even given him a bouncing baby boy.

"Yes, I am in a relationship, but let me squash the rumour, she is not an older woman, she is a lot younger than I am and she does not have four children. I didn’t start dating her until three or four months after Ope deserted our matrimonial home leaving me in a severe state of depression.

“She has been wonderful to me, gave me a shoulder to cry on and picked me up from the mess I was in. My family adore her and her family is really cool with me and I am praying to God that she will be my last bus stop.
“Ope has prevented me from seeing my kids for over a year now. I remember picking my son up from school last year and she drove to my house with thugs in her car, barricaded my gate and started screaming to attract the neighbours that I wanted to kidnap her son," he said.

He also pleads with his ex-wife to accept the fact that he has moved on and give him space to enjoy his new family.

"I am over this relationship with Ope, I wish her all the best in life as I have long moved on. I have an amazing woman in my life and a couple of weeks ago, we were blessed with an adorable son! I use this as a medium to beg her to allow me access to our children something she has totally denied me for over one year!

“She should be advised to be careful with the kind of accusations she makes because they could ultimately be damaging to the reputation of her children’s father. I never draw first blood, I have always reacted to what she did never the other way round. This is my closure, i don’t need any counselling," he concluded.

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