Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Woman Branded A Liar After She Put MAKE-UP Bruises On Her Face And Claimed She Was Jumped By Black Men

A Texas woman has been derided online after she painted bruises and blood on her face and claimed she'd been beaten up by black men.

The white race-baiter, who posted the photos under the name 'Ashley M', wrote: 'Just got jumped by 3 African Americans.'

Her incredible post at the weekend came as most of America was showing solidarity with Charleston, South Carolina, where nine black churchgoers were killed in a racially motivated attack Wednesday.

In Ashley M.'s message alongside her photographs she claimed: 'They (the 'attackers') are in a white ford 150 extended cab. Arkansas tags.

'They hit me inside Walmart and were cussing. I was very polite and asked them to lower their voices and the cuss words in front of my 3 year old daughter and this is the outcome. What has the world come to.'

Her purported injuries in the photos were less than convincing. 

And when the Daily Dot called the Texarkana Walmart where the attack allegedly occurred, a security official at the store reported no incidents matching Ashley's description.

The Daily Dot also showed Ashley's photos to Officer Mike Jones of the Texarkana police force.

He responded: 'I've talked to our Detective Sergeant. He has reviewed all of the reports from the weekend and there is no report of this incident. There is also no report in our system from a person with the poster's name. 

'We are confident in stating that this incident, if it did occur, has not been reported to this department.'

Nonetheless, Ashley's story went viral - though not in the way she'd hoped. After enduring a barrage of ridicule on social media - much of which questioned the lack of a police report - she responded in an Instagram post.

'Here's your police report,' she wrote, along with a photo of her giving the camera the middle finger. 

In the picture she is sporting sunglasses and tissues stuck up her nose. The post has since been removed from the website.

Ashley added: 'Sorry I got jumped by three African American young men. I have 2 black eyes and nose still is bleeding, and somehow I am in the wrong. Enough for people to say it was makeup, how embarassing and very rude quite frankly. 
'I don’t want you pitty (sic) attention anything. I’m just warning there are dangerous people in Texarkana be careful. They did this to me for no reason in front of my 3 year old. At Texas side Walmart.' 

The Texarkana police posted a statement on Facebook stating Ashley's claim was 'highly questionable'. However, the post soon vanished. 

A police spokesman told the Daily Dot they chose to remove it after learning that Ashley may be mentally ill.

'We were informed that she is emotionally disturbed and that they are attempting to get her the assistance that she needs,' the spokesman added. 
'We have removed the post to avoid contributing to her difficult struggle.'

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