Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fortune Teller ‘Steals £470,000 From Lovesick Man′

Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to find love.

But it ended up costing one New York man $718,000 (£470,000) after he paid for what he thought was a time machine, a bridge of gold to trap an evil spirit, and a reincarnation portal.
Priscilla Kelly Delmaro had told him that evil spirits were keeping the woman away from her and she was only too happy to help.

It would cost him $80,000 for an 80-mile bridge to trap evil spirits, and more than $70,000 for a Rolex and a Tiffany ring to cleanse his sins and protect his energy.

He started going to see Delmaro in 2013, but later discovered in early 2014 that the woman, Michelle, had actually passed away.

Delmaro told him that she would have Michelle reincarnated into another woman’s body, according to court documents.

She also suggested he move to Los Angeles because the ‘new Michelle’ was there and told him that a woman he had met in California was the woman he was looking for.

She’s now under investigation after the victim hired a private investigator after the man lost his home and car and had to borrow money from friends and family.

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