Sunday, 7 June 2015

Man Dies 15 Years After He Was Murdered

This will sound like the longest murder in American history.

Two men could face murder charges after a man died 15 years after they shot him.

Sheldon Mason, 40, was left in a critical condition following the 2000 shooting outside his mother’s house.

He had a leg amputated following the shooting and died in April from complications due to the gunshot wounds.

Law professor Charles Reid told Fox9: ‘Legally there is a name for this “reclassified homicide”. A person is gravely injured. The injuries prove life threatening over the long term; the person succumbs to the injury. That is reclassified from assault to homicide and then it’s up to prosecutors to decide if it’s worth prosecuting.’

If prosecutors decide to press the charge, gang members Curtis Dionne and Shaun Kiheg, who were previously sentenced with assault, will stand convicted of murder.

A medical examiner at Hennepin County in Minneapolis has ruled Mason’s death murder, as there are technically no limitations to the timespan in which a murder can be said to have occurred in the event of a victim’s death.

The dispute was reported to have been over a bicycle that started at a SuperAmerica store and later moved to a suburb near Bloomington.

Kihega was originally sentenced to 11 years in prison, with Dionne receiving 10 years’ probation and a year’s labour inside a workhouse. 

Both have kept a clean record since the shootout, though Mason’s death could serve up a new twist of fate for the pair once prosecutors reach their decision.

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