Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bank Robber Claimed He Had A bomb Which Turned Out To Be A Dildo Wrapped In Gaffer Tape

A MAN who robbed a bank after making a bomb threat confessed to police that it wasn't a bomb at all – it was a dildo wrapped in gaffer tape.

Roads had to be shut down and a bomb squad was called for when cops tracked down a suspected armed robber.
Police pulled the suspect over as a precaution and a robot was called in to inspect his car after the man made a bomb threat while making off with the stolen cash.
But as it turned out, the suspected "bomb" was actually a sex toy wrapped in tape. Obviously.
According to court papers, 35-year-old Aaron Stein told police he robbed the bank because he was desperate after he lost all his money in the stock market last week.
Stein is accused of robbing the PNC Bank branch in Crafton, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in America on Monday afternoon.
Crafton Police Chief Mark Sumpter said: "He had a mask on, said he had a bomb and displayed some wires hanging out from underneath his shirt."
Staff at the bank said the "device" Stein used had wires connected to it and a green light on top that appeared to be a trigger button.
Officer Mike Gastgeb spotted the suspect’s car a short time after the hold up.
He said: "I noticed a white Toyota Corolla with a male in it, sitting in this parking lot.
"When I went over to confront him, he drove away but I stopped him."
That’s when he says another officer saw money inside the man’s car.
Stein soon confessed to the robbery but claimed he never had a real bomb - instead he said he had used a dildo wrapped in gaffer tape.

But police didn't want to take any chances and called on the bomb squad for help.
Robots blew open a briefcase taken from Stein's car to see what was inside but no explosives were found.
Police say Stein is due to be formally charged next week.

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