Thursday, 18 June 2015


On-air-personality, Toke Makinwa and her husband, Maje Ayida, might not be having it all rosy in their marital homes over alleged infidelity by Maje with his ex-girlfriend.
Since the news of the breakout surfaced with many sending consolation words to Toke, some have attacked her linking her marriage crisis to her busy schedules and some have decided to sit on the fence to watch the drama as it unfold itself.
Toke might be having a large fan base but many still wonder why her husband Maje has not said anything about the crisis if it is actually true or a stunt just to gain more publicity but whichever way, the heat is still on.

Maje as his regular practice of advising people on how to keep fit on his social media page, got the lashing from many Toke’s supporters as they flocked to drop various comments about his said actions.
After he had shared a write-up which reads; “Wow I really regret that workout –said no one ever,” it was all abuse galour as some fans called him various names.
lovelyene5: @majeayida u re a weak man though. Of all people your ex. Tufia kwa
fredphil_iam: If it's all true, work on your pull out game man
So this dude @majeayida went back to his vomit? Gooshh ur ex? Why didn't you marry her instead of Toke. The bitch was pained u dumped her and made sure she ruins your marriage ad u gave her d chance to ...please you are a lucky man to v @tokemakinwa as your wife. She is a great person respect her plus that your ex have slept with a lot of guys and men to arrive at the pregnancy and she knows gonna kip sleeping with them. watch out.! May God fix your marriage
ijeomagubs: Men like you should die
__pearrl__: Shameless fool
cyrah88: You have betrayed your wife but it is not the end of the road .Beg for your wife's Forgiveness and get back together. Divorce is not an option.
hallbis@abikebeads: mistake? It wasn't a mistake because the hoe Anita Solomon has been there for years! Maje God will punish you
hallbis: Our dear cheating witchcraft husband how market
obscure_natureLike: you worked out your penis on the girl you got pregnant abi? Yeye man, olojukokoro! If you gonna hurt and cheat why don't you just leave? Mtcheww

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