Saturday, 30 May 2015

Mother Breastfeeds Her 5 Year Old Daughter Because It ‘Increases Her IQ’

A woman has defended breastfeeding her five-year-old by claiming it will raise her IQ level.

Miira Dawson, 36, breastfeeds her two children, even though the oldest, Tara, has already started primary school near their home in Poole, Dorset.

The stay at home mum gives five-year-old Tara and her little brother Ray Lee, two, ‘noo noo’ (the family term for breastfeeding) three times a day, and says she hopes she can continue nursing them until they are ten years old.

Her husband Jim even moved out of their marital bed so Miira can spend the whole night with her two children.
She said: ‘I don’t think I ever considered bottle feeding either of my children, I didn’t prepare myself for failing to breastfeed. I’m quite stubborn by nature.

‘Mothers who breastfeed for an extended time feel that it has got really meaningful benefits for their children.

‘I think it is a lovely thing for a baby to grow up and remember being breast fed, as not many people would be able to say this – plus there are all the health and IQ benefits.’

While Jim is partly forced to sleep in a separate bed due to a medical condition, he admits that Miira’s breastfeeding habits have put a strain on their relationship, saying he had ‘little choice in the matter’.

‘I feel like it restricts mine and the children’s time together and it doesn’t give me the chance to do things that I would like to, such as reading bed time stories,’ he said.

The World Health Organisation, recommends babies being breast feed until they are six months old, at which point feeding should start.

While many people in the UK do not breastfeed beyond six months, University of Cambridge Sociologist Dr Maria Lacovou says the research on breast feeding is ‘very limited’ and claims ‘there is absolutely no evidence that there is anything wrong’ with doing so.

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