Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Women Reveal The Secret Trick Behind Achieving Multiple Orgasms

As Women Reveal The Secret Trick Behind Achieving Multiple Orgasms, that seemly means YOU have to switch up your technique.

More than 1,000 women have revealed the secret trick behind giving them multiple orgasms and the results were eye-opening.
A new study by sex ed start-up OMGYES in partnership with Debby Herbenick, PhD, quizzed women between the ages of 18 to 95 about the intimate details of their sex lives.
Surprisingly, it found that nearly half (47%) of ladies surveyed have multiple orgasms.

What’s more, most of the women said that they used a different technique after the first orgasm to reach the second one.
The study found that many women who think they feel too sensitive downstairs after climaxing could actually go on to have more pleasure.
Although women might feel like their genitals can’t be stimulated any more, they could achieve more than one orgasm if they simply vary things up.

Specifically moves that are slower, less direct and less forceful are more likely to bring about the second wave of sexual pleasure.
The OMGYES researchers explained: "Right after orgasm, 53% of women who have multiples go back to earlier motions — less sensitive areas or slower.
"Then, many rebuild to the second orgasm by modifying the techniques that worked to get to the first orgasm.
"The big insight many women discover (often later in life) is to treat the body after the first orgasm like it’s a whole new body, with different likes and dislikes."

Daily Mail.

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