Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Ice Prince's Girlfriend Cheated on Him Which Shared Photos Seems To Reveal?

Maima with Iceprince in latest photo
Days ago, Maima and her lovestruck boyfriend/hubby Iceprince had taken to their social media pages to gush about the love they for each other. 

Fast forward to minutes later, gist and pictures broke that revealed Maima had been keeping warm in another man's arms - Abuja big boy named Akin. 

The story went viral and Ice prince himself took to his Twitter to defend his girlfriend saying:
Lol these men will do anyyyything to break up me and my girl tho. Smh. Even the married ones?!? Sigh just go to church bro. Love God. Can’t keep a hot girl away from being checked out. 
It’s toooo much fun to watch em try Forreal Forreal lol… Forgive me guyz! Catching #Feelings for ya tho.”
Well, guess what. The Abuja big boy who Maima allegedly cheated on Iceprince with has by himself posted revealing photos of himself with Maima enjoying a recent vacation in Paris. And the photos have Iceprince nowhere in sight.
Maima with Akin in new pictures he just shared and deleted. Photo credit - Naijagistlive 

Akin posted the pics on his Instagram and after he was sure a media blog had picked it up, he deleted the pics from his IG. Clear indication he's trying to pass a message to Iceprince that he isn't trying to break him up with his girl, they have actually been together. Wow! Wonder what Iceprince's next reply is going to be. 
Maima with Akin in 2nd new pictures he shared and deleted. Photo credit - Naijagistlive 

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