Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Robert Downey Jr. Named World's Highest-Paid Actor 2015, Earned $80 Million

Robert Downey Jr. is raking in the dough -- big time. For the third year in a row, the Iron Man mainstay topped Forbes' list of the World's Highest-Paid Actors, earning a whopping $80 million, besting second-place finisher Jackie Chan by more than $30 million.

Downey, 50, stayed at the top of Forbes' annual list thanks to his smash success in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which grossed $1.4 billion worldwide. Appearing as Iron Man/Tony Stark in Marvel film adaptations since 2008, Downey will reprise the role in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, which is currently in production. Forbes estimates that he’ll earn a $40 million payday for the upcoming superhero flick costarring Paul RuddScarlett Johansson, and Chris Evans.

Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel earned a third-place spot on Forbes' coveted list with a $47 million haul this year. "The whole point [of The Fast and the Furious] was to diversify Hollywood and in some ways change the face of Hollywood," said Diesel, whose Furious 7 took in $1.5 billion internationally. Seventy-seven percent of the box office returns for the car flick came from outside the U.S., with China alone checking in with $400 million in theater receipts.

Rounding out Forbes' Top 5 are American Sniper's Bradley Cooper and PixelsAdam Sandler, who earned $41.5 million and $41 million, respectively.

Forbes culled their list of the 34 highest-paid actors (from seven countries) using their combined earnings, before taxes and fees, between June 1, 2014, and June 1, 2015. The money mag will publish their annual list of Highest-Paid Actresses at a later date.

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