Monday, 20 July 2015

Car Sinks After Woman Stops to Admire View – And Forgets Handbrake

A WOMAN could only watch in horror as her car disappeared underwater when she got out to enjoy the view from a quiet harbour – and forgot to put her handbrake on.

A massive rescue operation was launched involving firefighters, two RNLI lifeboat crews, police officers and even the coastguard.
But the mission was unsuccessful and the silver Citroen disappeared under more than 20 feet of water in Fowey, Cornwall.
Luckily the driver and her two children were all out of the car when it nose-dived into the sea.
They had stopped at the head of a queue of cars waiting to drive on to a ferry which takes passengers 200 yards across the harbour.

A harbourmaster's office spokesman said the driver and her two children parked up on the slipway then watched as their car rolled 40ft into the water.
"The car was initially at a depth of four metres, but as the tide came in, it began to sink further," the spokesman said.
"Members of the Coastguard were also on scene to assist.
"The driver and her children were looked after in the Seamen's Mission while they waited for the car to be retrieved."

Crowds of holidaymakers gathered to watch as the sunken motor was hauled from the murky depths.
Fire crews helped divers attach ropes to the car and winch it out.
It may cost thousands of pounds to repair the water damage.

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