Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Graphic Picture: Customs Officer baths woman with Acid

A Nigerian Custom officer named Mr Nwaeze who heads the Customs unit at Mosafejo Aradagun, has been accused of allegedly attacking  a woman identified as Ms Tope Fadipe with acid after an argument over money.
Sahara Reporters reports that Ms Fadipe, who served as a salesgirl at a local food business run by Mr Nwanze's family for 3 years, was attacked by an angry Nwaeze on Friday May 9th, after she argued with him when he accused of her of not remitting N50,000 into the business account.
After the acid attack, the matter was reported at the Badagry Police Station, and Mr. Nwaeze had boasted that no one could arrest him. On Saturday, the 10th of May, one day after the incident, Mr. Nwaeze was said to have appeared at the Police Station, and had returned shortly afterwards to show he is above arrest.
Currently, residents say, Nwaeze belched his car radio speakers loudly whenever driving in the street, with a carriage posting to show that he is above impunity since the May 9th incident.
A resident in the street told SaharaReporters that it is part of Mr. Nwaeze's forte, to “intimidate and oppress people with impunity,” due to his status as a Customs Officer.

The victim, Tope Fadipe, is currently being treated for her severe burns at the Badagry General Hospital. Witnesses and doctors say her condition is worsening since that attack.

Saharareporters learned through a medical source that, Nwaeze has now tried to secretly collect Ms. Tope from the hospital, without giving off any hint what he wants to do with her.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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